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We are delighted to offer entertaining and award-winning books like "Flying Between Heaven and Earth" by Gina E. Jones. 



Scene the Light Entertainment founder Gina E. Jones is dedicated to sharing higher knowledge with others around the world.



All our projects are created to entertain and enlighten everyone worldwide to help humanity create Heaven on Earth for all.

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Scene the Light Entertainment is a multimedia company commissioned to offer entertaining and enlightening information. Currently several projects, including apps, books, games, movies, television shows and videos are in the works. Our approach is to entertain, educate and enlighten. 

Our founder, Gina E. Jones, wrote the award-winning novel, "Flying Between Heaven and Earth." While writing her novel, she discovered a higher understanding of reality that actually makes sense of the nonsense that surrounds us today. These amazing revelations Scene the Light Entertainment wants to share with everyone.

Gina E. Jones

Gina E. Jones studied architectural design in the School of Architecture at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA.  In addition to being a patent-holding product designer, she had a 28-year career as a flight attendant with a major U.S. airline. It was there beyond the clouds that she began to see life from a much higher perspective.  Gina retired from flying to begin her career as an author, producer, screenwriter, speaker and teacher.


Gina E. Jones is also the Founder of The Cards of Life (www.TheCardsofLife.com), the International Association of Cardology (www.Cardology.org), and Cardology Community: The Official International Online Forum for Cardology (www.CardologyCommunity.org).  

Gina has written articles that appear in various magazines and websites including Oracle 20/20 Magazine, The Lifestyle Cafe, Omega Directory, Creations Magazine, Turtle River Press, Emerald-Energies, Pathways Within, Heaven to Earth, Thoth Web, Spirit Watch, Nancy Lynne Harris, Image Net, Edge Life, Angel Paths, Earth Star Magazine, Spiritual World, Listen Media, International New Thought Alliance, Inspiration Line, Aquarius Magazine, Messages of the Magi, The Cards of Life, International Association of Cardology, and the Association of Humanistic Psychology.

To learn more about Gina Jones and her personal perspective on the Mayan Calendar, watch her interview as an expert in the documentary, The Alignment Within, directed and produced by Dr. Jose Jaramillo.

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